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Spring! Garry Oaks Planted, Parks Refreshed

Shooting Star, Dodecatheon hendersonnii, blooms in Oak Harbor's Smith Park Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society (OHGOS) meetings are postponed until further notice. However, we wanted to take a minute to share about OHGOS volunteers who made a difference in a big way locally at three separate events. In mid-February there was a work party in Smith Park. Volunteers weeded and mulched [...]

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New Short Film – Smith Park and the Garry Oak Tree

Learn about Smith Park in Oak Harbor, WA, the unique Garry Oak Tree, and the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society which aims to keep the "oak" in Oak Harbor. This amazing video was created by talented WWU student Jaya Flanary and narrated by OHGOS President Laura Renninger. Thank you Jaya and everyone involved! Become A Society Member [...]

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Native Plant Restoration and Species Recovery in Smith Park

On October 14th, 2019, Oak Harbor City Parks Board voted unanimously to begin the policy of deferred lawn mowing in Smith Park, a proposal put forth by Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society, in order to allow ecologically important native wildflowers to fully bloom and set seed. The practice of deferred mowing will allow the resurgence of native wildflowers which have [...]

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Oaks Planted in Ridgeway, Lueck, Kimball, and Sumner Parks

Keeping the "Oak" in Oak Harbor Intrepid volunteers, 10 adults and two youngsters, got the planting job done in Lueck and Ridgeway Parks today in Oak Harbor! Our cheerful helpers planted and placed cage protection around new Garry oak tree seedlings despite the rain. In subsequent days, volunteers continued planting in Kimball Park and Sumner Park. In all, [...]

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New Interpretive Signs at the Native Plant Garden

We are happy to announce new interpretive signs are now in place at the Native Garden pocket park located at the Oak Harbor Post Office! There are two signs for you to enjoy. One sign explains the important role native plants play in our landscape and the overall benefit of native plants. The plants highlighted on the sign [...]

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Oaks, a Mural, and Native Plants in our Landscape

Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society is excited about the completion of the new mural painted on the side of a building at the corner of Jensen Street and E. Pioneer Way. The mural, depicting a Garry oak meadow at sunset, points the way to historic Smith Park, which contains hundreds of ancient Garry oaks, as well as native [...]

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