Books for Adults:

Acker, Maleea. Gardens Aflame. New Star, 2014.

Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team. Garry Oak Gardener’s Handbook. 2009. (This is a free download that can be found online.)

Giono, Jean. The Man Who Planted Trees. Chelsea Green, 2005.

MacDonald, Carolyn. Garry Oak Ecosystem of British Columbia, An Educator’s Guide.

Wild B.C.

Pollan, Michael. Second Nature. 1991.


Books for Kids:

Brenner, Barbara. The Tremendous Tree Book. Boyd Mills, 1979.

Cooney, Barbara. Miss Rumphius. Viking. 1982.

De La Bedoyere, Camilla.  Acorns to Oak Tree. QEB, 2010.

Froeb, Lori.  The Acorn and the Oak Tree. Reader’s Digest Children’s.

Karas, G. Brian. As an Oak Tree Grows. Penguin Group, 2014.


Don’t see a favorite book listed here pertaining to oaks and Garry oaks in particular?  Contact us and let us know!