Self-Guided Garry Oak Walking Tour

Sunlight filters thru Garry oaks, photo credit L. Renninger 2015

Created in partnership with the City of Oak Harbor and the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce, this 3-mile tour features many beautiful Garry oaks scattered throughout the old town area of Oak Harbor.

Garry Oak Tree Tour

Garry Oak Tree Inventory & Mapping

Hard-working society volunteers conducted a tree inventory of all the Garry oak trees in Oak Harbor, Washington. While we are lucky to have so many Garry oak trees in our community, one fact stands out: there are not many juvenile Garry oak trees to be found. The Garry oak society hopes to plant hundreds of new Garry oak seedlings so that as existing Garry oak trees age, juvenile trees will grow to one day take their place.

Garry oak tree seat, photo credit L. Renninger 2015
Tree Inventory Quick Overview

808 – Total number of oaks in Oak Harbor

487 – Oak count on private land

321 – Oak count on public land

3% – Percent of young oaks

Download Inventory Report

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Please note: This is an informal tree inventory. Oaks on private property were evaluated only from the public right of way. Assumptions were made about age, location, and domain. This is a useful document to get a general idea of how many oaks there are, but it is not a scientific count. It does not include the Navy Grove near the Oak Harbor Library, our new Centennial Grove, or known oaks outside Oak Harbor city limits. If you have a comment, question, or correction, please get in touch with the society.

The City of Oak Harbor has completed their own tree inventory. In 2003 an arborist reviewed over 20 oak trees within the city limits, with the final report available in PDF format. 

2003 Tree Study

Community Outreach Presentations

The Garry Oak Society has presented on the importance of the Garry oak and how our organization is helping to preserve these heritage trees. Presentations have been giving to the City Council, Oak Harbor Garden Club, and Sunrise Rotary. If you are interested in having the Garry Oak Society present for your group, please contact us.

Library Display Case

This collection of Garry oak educational materials, artifacts, photos, and Garry oak wood pieces was displayed in the entryway display case of the Oak Harbor Library / Skagit Valley College Library. Many students and library patrons were able to learn about the Garry oaks in our community. We hope to offer this great learning opportunity again soon!