In the climate of the Pacific Northwest, native Garry oak trees are easy to grow and become very drought tolerant once established.

Oaks can be sprouted from acorns collected under your favorite trees. Acorns drop in the fall and should be planted before the first frost. Oaks can also be grow using seedlings purchased from the society. See our seedlings contact page to get seedlings from the Society which are available by donation for local pickup from Oak Harbor, WA.

This page features step by step guides and in-depth resources that will help make your Garry Oak planting efforts a success. If you have questions, get in touch. We are happy to help!

Helpful guides on how to plant oak trees.

Growing Garry oak trees from acorns is easy with these helpful tips.

Planting with Acorns

A young girl collects Garry oak acorns for planting in Smith Park Oak Harbor.

A young girl collects Garry oak acorns for planting, an easy, economical way to grow Garry oak trees.

Planting with Acorns Guide

Planting with Seedlings

A small Garry oak seedling for planting. Garry oak seedlings can be purchased from the Society.

Seedlings are typically available from the Society, a local native plant sale, or your conservation district.

Planting with Seedlings Guide
Planting Native Oak in the Pacific Northwest - US Forest Service Guide

An In-Depth Look at Planting Oak Trees

If you’re interested in a more detailed look at oak planting, this US Forest Service document on planting oak trees in our region contains useful information.

Planting Native Oak in the Pacific Northwest