A sampling of various plants and wildflowers associated with Garry oak ecosystems.

Golden Paintbrush (Castilleja levistecta)

Golden Paintbrush

Castilleja levisecta

Indian Plum (Oemleria-cerasiformis)

Indian Plum

Oemleria cerasiformis

 Licorice Fern - Polypodium

Licorice Fern


Nootka Rose - (Rosa-nutkana)

Nootka Rose

Rosa nutkana

Oregon Grape (Mahonia aquifolium)

Oregon Grape

Mahonia aquifolium

Pacific Madrone - (Arbutus menzieii)

Pacific Madrone

Arbutus menzieii

Roemers Fescue - (Festuca roemeri)

Roemer’s Fescue

Festuca roemeri

Perennial, densely tufted grass of coastal areas with attractive, finely textured leaves that grows 1-3′ tall.  It is the dominant bunchgrass of oak savannahs.

Roemers Fescue - (Festuca roemeri)


Gaultheria shallon

Satin Flower - (Olsynium douglasii)

Satin Flower

Olsynium douglasii

Shooting Star - (Dodecatheon hendersonnii)

Shooting Star

Dodecatheon hendersonii

Snowberry - (Symphoricarpos albus)


Symphoricarpos albus

Western Trillium - (Trillim ovatum)

Western Trillium

Trillium ovatum

White Fawn Lily - (Erythronium oregonum)

White Fawn Lily

Erythronium oregonum

West Coast bulb with mottled lance-shaped leaves crowned by delicate white lily-like flowers. Grows 6-16″ tall and blooms in April.

Woolly Sunflower - (Eriophyllum lanatum)

Woolly Sunflower

Eriophyllum lanatum