Oaks, a Mural, and Native Plants in our Landscape

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Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society is excited about the completion of the new mural painted on the side of a building at the corner of Jensen Street and E. Pioneer Way. The mural, depicting a Garry oak meadow at sunset, points the way to historic Smith Park, which contains hundreds of ancient Garry oaks, [...]

Acorn Harvest Time

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Harvest time is upon us. Gratefully, we see the acorn harvest this year compared to last year has been especially plentiful! Our group has been busy collecting acorns and planting them in tall pots for future planting projects. Beyond acorns, we have also collected Garry oak twigs, pieces of bark, lichens and mosses, leaves, and selected [...]

Staying Cool Under the Shade of Oaks!

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Isn't it nice to find a cool shady spot under our majestic oaks during these warm summer days? Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society met with the film crew from Whidbey Telecom in July under the shade of Smith Parks oaks to shoot film for a show called The Curious Islander. The Curious Islander segment will focus [...]

Oaks Planted at Freund Marsh

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Recently eight Garry oak seedlings were planted along the trail at Freund Marsh by the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society, City of Oak Harbor Parks, and Miss Oak Harbor Royalty members including Teen Miss Oak Harbor Emily Evans, Teen Second Princess Savanneh Dahl, and Miss Second Princess Autumn Coker. This project celebrated Arbor Day 2018 with the help [...]

Students Enjoy After School Garry Oak Enrichment

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A successful pilot program at Broadview Elementary has just wrapped up. What's next for Garry oaks in the classroom? Students use rubber stamps and colored pencils to depict their version of the habitat found inside Garry oak ecosystems. Each student was provided their own Garry oak folders which they took home to keep at the [...]

Notable Oaks of Oak Harbor Walking Tour April 21

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Saturday, April 21st 2018 10AM - 12PM Featuring the Post Office Demonstration Native Plant Garden and Smith Park Oak Grove Meet At: Oak Harbor Post Office parking lot at 10:00 AM Naturalist Educator Melissa Duffy and Local Historian Scott Hornung will lead a tour of some of Oak Harbor's noteworthy Garry oaks and plants found in [...]

Updates Planned for Garry Oak Protection Code

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As the City of Oak Harbor Planning Department drafts potential changes to the Garry Oak Protection code, the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society respectfully urges the city to save the oaks by closing the ivy loophole. This Garry oak in Illwaco Alley was removed after it was found to be dead, seen here after being [...]

Windjammer Park Design to Include Many Garry Oaks

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Earlier this month, the City of Oak Harbor revealed their final design plans for a revitalized Windjammer Park. We are excited to announce Windjammer will include 27 sizable Garry oak saplings to be planted throughout the park in excellent locations. Additionally, at a later date the Garry Oak Society will donate and plant a number of [...]

Taking Flight Among Oak Harbor’s Garry Oaks

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A Drone Video by Scott Storer Garry Oaks video project from Scott Storer on Vimeo. "This is a project I have compiled over the past year which will be added to over time. The project as a whole was brought up as an idea for getting ideal footage of the native Garry Oaks that grow in [...]

Grant from Island Thrift

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Island Thrift generously awarded the society a grant to purchase oak related school books for children, pots for our tree nurseries, supplies to care for trees, and more. Please consider supporting them with your donations and patronage so they may continue supporting community groups like us. A warm Whidbey thank you to Island Thrift.