Native Plant Restoration and Species Recovery in Smith Park

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On October 14th, 2019, Oak Harbor City Parks Board voted unanimously to begin the policy of deferred lawn mowing in Smith Park, a proposal put forth by Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society, in order to allow ecologically important native wildflowers to fully bloom and set seed. The practice of deferred mowing will allow the resurgence of [...]

Oaks Planted in Ridgeway, Lueck, Kimball, and Sumner Parks

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Keeping the "Oak" in Oak Harbor Intrepid volunteers, 10 adults and two youngsters, got the planting job done in Lueck and Ridgeway Parks today in Oak Harbor! Our cheerful helpers planted and placed cage protection around new Garry oak tree seedlings despite the rain. In subsequent days, volunteers continued planting in Kimball Park and [...]

Acorn Harvest Time

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Harvest time is upon us. Gratefully, we see the acorn harvest this year compared to last year has been especially plentiful! Our group has been busy collecting acorns and planting them in tall pots for future planting projects. Beyond acorns, we have also collected Garry oak twigs, pieces of bark, lichens and mosses, leaves, and selected [...]

Oaks Planted at Freund Marsh

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Recently eight Garry oak seedlings were planted along the trail at Freund Marsh by the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society, City of Oak Harbor Parks, and Miss Oak Harbor Royalty members including Teen Miss Oak Harbor Emily Evans, Teen Second Princess Savanneh Dahl, and Miss Second Princess Autumn Coker. This project celebrated Arbor Day 2018 with the help [...]