Garry Oak Ornaments For Sale

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Just in time for the Holidays! The Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society has handcrafted, unique Garry oak wood items for sale at 3 Sisters Market. Buy one soon, as they are only available while supplies last!  Left to right: Winter Silhouette, $10.00 Acorn with Cap and Bead, $5.00 Oak Leaves, $7.00 Little Star in Center, $3.50 Summer [...]

Presenting Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society

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Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society experienced success in outreach/education, fundraising, and membership enhancement at the August Farmer's Markets and at the September Music Festival. We had lots of conversations with people in our community and visitors to Oak Harbor about the importance of Garry oak conservation. Special thanks to all the OHGOS members who gave of [...]

OHGOS at the Thursday Oak Harbor Farmer’s Market

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OHGOS is doing a donation drive for Garry oak seedlings at the Thursday Oak Harbor Farmer's Market for the month of August. We are excited to have this opportunity to seek donations, a portion of which will go towards filing fees to achieve our non-profit status. The healthy seedlings we are offering are from locally-gathered acorns [...]

Garry Oak Essay Contest

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Ellen Giles, of the OHGOS (left), with Essay Contest winner Peggy Darst Townsdin (right), with her newly planted Garry oak in Pioneer Burial Park. Kid from the third grade class of Crescent Harbor Elementary work to get their new Garry oak in the ground. The Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society, together with [...]

Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday to us! One year ago in April a small handful of people came together in a coffee shop in Oak Harbor and shared thoughts about our local Garry oaks. We identified the urgent need for oak conservation and chose a name for ourselves-the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers [...]

Good Things are Happening for the Garry Oak In Oak Harbor!

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On two sunny and cold days in November, members of our group partnered with Oak Harbor city employees as well as other enthusiastic citizens to plant 100 Garry oak saplings in the new Centennial Grove. This site is visible by many people traveling on nearby Hwy. 20 and the trees will serve as a welcome (or [...]

Fall Acorn Planting Party

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Members of the OHGOS came together this fall to plant acorns from favorite local Garry oaks and take the pots home for nurturing until the seedlings are big enough to plant successfully. This will be when they are 2-3 years old. We want to provide a supply of juvenile trees in Oak Harbor at-the-ready for replacing [...]