New Interpretive Signs at the Native Plant Garden

We are happy to announce new interpretive signs are now in place at the Native Garden pocket park located at the Oak Harbor Post Office! There are two signs for you to enjoy. One sign explains the important role native plants play in our landscape and the overall benefit of native plants. The plants [...]

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Students Enjoy After School Garry Oak Enrichment

A successful pilot program at Broadview Elementary has just wrapped up. What's next for Garry oaks in the classroom? Students use rubber stamps and colored pencils to depict their version of the habitat found inside Garry oak ecosystems. Each student was provided their own Garry oak folders which they took home to keep at the [...]

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Grant from Island Thrift

Island Thrift generously awarded the society a grant to purchase oak related school books for children, pots for our tree nurseries, supplies to care for trees, and more. Please consider supporting them with your donations and patronage so they may continue supporting community groups like us. A warm Whidbey thank you to Island Thrift!     [...]

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Oak Harbor Post Office Native Plant Garden Thrives Again

At the Oak Harbor Post Office Native Plant Garden, located at the corner of Barrington Dr. and City Beach St, many species of native plants are displayed alongside the giant stump of the 330 year old Post Office Oak. Over 40 new plant identification signs can now be found to aid in exploring the garden. Plants, [...]

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Presenting Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society

Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society experienced success in outreach/education, fundraising, and membership enhancement at the August Farmer's Markets and at the September Music Festival. We had lots of conversations with people in our community and visitors to Oak Harbor about the importance of Garry oak conservation. Special thanks to all the OHGOS members who gave of [...]

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Garry Oaks on Vancouver Island

  In late March my husband, Barry, and I explored the southern half of Vancouver Island, B.C., where Garry oaks are a prominent part of the landscape. We saw lovely native wildflowers blooming among the oak groves, hilltop vistas where Garry oak preserves are maintained, and the gargantuan grandfather oaks of the Cowichan Valley. Some of [...]

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Garry Oak Essay Contest

Ellen Giles, of the OHGOS (left), with Essay Contest winner Peggy Darst Townsdin (right), with her newly planted Garry oak in Pioneer Burial Park. Kid from the third grade class of Crescent Harbor Elementary work to get their new Garry oak in the ground. The Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society, together with [...]

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Legacy of the Garry oak

Welcome to the website! Special thanks to Kyle Renninger for all his hard work getting this website up and running! We at the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society are committed to the continuing the legacy of the Garry oak in Oak Harbor thru focused planting, education of our young people about conservation of the oak, and [...]

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