Laura Renninger - President

Laura Renninger


Laura is a native of Whidbey Island and grew up with a reverence for the Garry Oaks in Oak Harbor. In addition to being a founding member of OHGOS, Laura is a Registered Nurse and has worked in acute care for the last 30 years. Laura and her husband, Barry, are avid gardeners.

Brad Gluth - Vice-President

Brad Gluth


Brad Gluth has spent time in Oak Harbor since 1986 and became a Whidbey resident in 2003.  He is an engineer by trade and grew up spending time in the Pacific Northwest woods with his father who imparted a deep respect for trees and landscape to him.  Brad feels that Oak Harbor is a special place and is proud of the effort the community has put forth to restore our native oak population.

Brian Giles - Secretary

Brian Giles


Brian, an Oak Harbor resident since 1958, has both worked and volunteered in the environmental field. He and wife Ellen, also an OHGOS member, enjoy gardening and beach walking with their granddaughter.

Kathy Chalfant - Treasurer

Kathy Chalfant


Kathy came to Oak Harbor in 1978 with her husband, Duncan. Both Duncan and Kathy have degrees in Forestry from UC Berkeley and a love of the local Garry Oaks. Kathy has owned and operated a landscape maintenance business for the past 35 years and worked in many yards that have Garry Oaks. She wants to make sure young Garry Oaks get planted now so that there are magnificent trees for the next generation.

Kyle Renninger - Board Member and Director of Special Projects

Kyle Renninger

Board Member, Director of Special Projects

A fifth generation Whidbey Islander, Kyle is passionate about preservation of the natural features that make our island beautiful. He is founder of Amethyst Interactive, a socially responsible web design and marketing consulting firm. Kyle enjoys working with massive data sets to create map-based visualizations and brings years of tech and fundraising experience to the Society.

Arnie Peterschmidt - Board Member at Large

Arnie Peterschmidt

Board Member At Large

Arnie Peterschmidt is a native of western Washington and has been an Oak Harbor resident since 1996. Arnie grew up roaming evergreen forests typical of the region and fishing in Puget Sound and has a lifelong appreciation for local ecology and the outdoors. The Garry Oak trees are unique, vital to the local ecology and provide an important sense of place for the community.