Students Enjoy After School Garry Oak Enrichment

A successful pilot program at Broadview Elementary has just wrapped up. What’s next for Garry oaks in the classroom? Volunteer members from Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society taught “All about Garry Oaks”, an after-school enrichment class, at Broadview Elementary in Oak Harbor, February-March 2018. This class was held for approximately one hour per week for […]

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Grant from Island Thrift

Island Thrift generously awarded the society a grant to purchase oak related school books for children, pots for our tree nurseries, supplies to care for trees, and more. Please consider supporting them with your donations and patronage so they may continue supporting community groups like us. A warm Whidbey thank you to Island Thrift.



Normally acorns would be dropping all over the Old Town area of Oak Harbor by now, but it seems this year the acorn harvest is in very short supply. The same acorn shortage is true for SE Vancouver Island and San Juan Island’s Garry oaks. We believe the scant acorn production is due to the […]