Recently eight Garry oak seedlings were planted along the trail at Freund Marsh by the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society, City of Oak Harbor Parks, and Miss Oak Harbor Royalty members including Teen Miss Oak Harbor Emily Evans, Teen Second Princess Savanneh Dahl, and Miss Second Princess Autumn Coker.

This project celebrated Arbor Day 2018 with the help of the City of Oak Harbor and the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society (OHGOS). OHGOS supplied the seedlings which were grown from local acorns, and the wooden protective cages to keep them safe while they grow. The City provided tools and oversight and will be providing maintenance. The Garry oak is the namesake of our city and this project is part of an effort to ensure that there are Garry oak trees for future generations, and to help create a Garry oak urban habitat corridor through our city.