Garry Oak Ornaments For Sale

Just in time for the Holidays! The Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society has handcrafted, unique Garry oak wood items for sale at 3 Sisters Market. Buy one soon, as they are only available while supplies last! 

Garry Oak Ornament For SaleLeft to right:

Winter Silhouette, $10.00

Acorn with Cap and Bead, $5.00

Oak Leaves, $7.00

Little Star in Center, $3.50

Summer Silhouette, $10.00

Please be aware that due to the natural variation in wood grain, shapes, and availability, some items for sale may differ from those in photo.

3 Sister Market is open 7 days a week, from 9am – 6pm and is located at at 779 Holbrook Road. They are located just off SR20 on Penn Cove in the old San de Fuca Fire Station. They accept all major credit cards and local checks.

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  1. Melissa March 15, 2017 at 5:16 am #

    Great job on this website Kyle! BRAVO! So wonderful to see the resurgence of energies in Oak Harbor on behalf of our local namesake and valuable resource, our treasured Garry Oak trees, (Quercus garrryana!) May our local Garry Oak Society continue the important work to preserve, protect and educate all who live here and come here to visit about the important legacy of our only native oaks.

    The work of our Garry Oak Society is actively doing helps ensure that future generations of oaks will continue to grow here. These trees provide us all with tranquil places of rest and restoration, inspiration as well as as are home to a rich diversity of many other organisms dependent on these trees for shelter, habitat and food, whether it is squirrels hiding acorns in tree hollows or jays nestling in branches.

    find food, shelter and a resting place nestled within or under the shade or hollows of these trees.

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