IMG_4294 (1)Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society experienced success in outreach/education, fundraising, and membership enhancement at the August Farmer’s Markets and at the September Music Festival. We had lots of conversations with people in our community and visitors to Oak Harbor about the importance of Garry oak conservation. Special thanks to all the OHGOS members who gave of their free time for those events! Not only did we meet our goal of fundraising to apply for non-profit status, but we added some new members to our group!

Until September 17th, OHGOS has a large display in the glass viewing booth in the shared outer lobby of the public Library and the Skagit Valley College Library. This area has already seen a lot of foot traffic and will continue to do so with the start of the new school year. Our display is perfect for self-guided exploration about Garry oaks for people of all ages. Friends of the Library is the volunteer organization that oversees the display case.

We had the chance to share a Power Point presentation on OHGOS to Sunrise Rotary in early August, which got people thinking and asking questions about Garry oaks in our community. We also had the opportunity to meet with Oak Harbor Mayor Bob Severns last week to do the same presentation, and he was very enthusiastic and supportive about our work.  Consequently OHGOS will be doing a shortened version of the presentation to the City Council on September 20th at 6 pm, which will be broadcast on Channel 10 to the general public.