Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to us! One year ago in April a small handful of people came together in a coffee shop in Oak Harbor and shared thoughts about our local Garry oaks. We identified the urgent need for oak conservation and chose a name for ourselves-the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who have committed your time and resources to help keep the OAK in Oak Harbor.

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  1. Melissa April 13, 2017 at 8:56 am #

    Garry Oak Society Presents: Earth Day “Celebrating Garry Oaks”
    April 22nd Saturday 2-4pm
    2pm: Meet at Oak Harbor Post Office to learn about our local Garry Oak trees
    2:30-4 Start from Post Office join in a walk to learn about our town’s noteworthy oaks, including local legends and lore and Native American traditional uses of oaks.
    Also, join us on Facebook:

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